Learn the new Residential Tenancy Laws getting introduced to Victoria. These law affect both Tenants and Landlords. Make sue your Property Manager in Dandenong in up to date with the legislation.
Our Director Colin Kitney gives you his fourty plus years of experience on how to profit on your rental property. This guide will give you all the tips you need to maximise the return on your investment within the South Easter Melbourne and Greater Dandenong Area.
Get more rent from your property. Prepare a house for renting and ensure you get the best return from great tenants. Attract high quality renters and ensure the integrity of your property once the lease expires and the occupants vacate.
Learn all the tips as a property investor on how to maximise the return on your investment. This guide will teach you how to save on your rental property so you can increase your profit.
We give you all the property investor tips on why to purchase a rental property in Dandenong. This guide will outline what to consider when purchasing a rental property.