How to prepare your property for rent

How to prepare your property for rent.
Preparing your investment property for rent is not as easy as putting a for rent board out the front of the property.
There are many thing you need to know and consider before letting people you don’t know pay for the privilege of living in most likely the most valuable asset you own.

A rental property will not only achieve a higher weekly rent, draw in a better tenant, but it will also help to ensure that the entire rental process is stress free, simple and financially rewarding.
Always realise and a landlord that there are things that as an owner of a property you would be happy to live with to save money but as a tenant they wouldn’t. There are also some small changes to the property that can be done to make it stand out from all other properties on the market and then potentially get your more rent for your property.

Here is our checklist of what you should think about doing before renting out your home:

  1. Make sure the garden is neat and tidy.
  2. Ensure the property is well presented.
  3. Always thoroughly clean the property.
  4. Check that all the appliances are in good working order.
Our property managers are able to analyse your property prior to leasing it you in Dandenong to give you all the tips to maximise the return on your investment.


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