New Residential Laws Victoria 2020

New Residential Laws in Victoria  2020 are coming into play in 2019. In September 2019 new amendments were passed to the Residential Tenancies Act. Some of these changes are quite significant

Why are the laws changing?

The Victorian Government reviewed the Residential Tenancies Act 1997 as the rental market has definitely changed and tenants and landlords now need updated laws than what originally put in place over 20 years ago.

The review recommended many changes, for tenants and property investment owners. There are also some expected changes to the laws if you live in caravan parks.

The changes will be introduced in stages as the Victorian Government consult further with you the community to develop the better guidelines. All of these reforms will start by 1 July 2020.

Some Of The New Laws To Include:

  • Refusing consent to refusing to sign leases
  • Disclosing if you intend to sell the property
  • Prescribing to your tenant such a problem to start asbestos
  • Renters must be delivered with the red book which outlines all rights and responsibilities of both tenants and landlords
  •  Lease agreements will be updated with new terms and conditions
  • Rent increases are only allowed once a year
  •  Tenants to be in attendance on exit condition reports

These are only some of the 139 reforms over the following weeks and months we will provide you with further details as they come in from the first of the 1st July 2020

Concerns With The New Act

One of the biggest concerns with the new act is there is going to be a level of housing needs to be provided provided some of the items are required for the property must:

  • Properties must be well maintained
  • Deadlocks on all doors locks on Windows
  • Feet insufficient for the home
  • Window coverings on all window for privacy there are many other requirements required under the new act if it event of not conforming the tenant will have the right to claim compensation we are going to VCAT in order to register and and all rent can be redirected to a special account until repairs have been made.

Showing landlords about new changes to residential tenancy law


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